Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Confirmed As GT-I9505 – What About GT-Q1000?

2 January 2013, 6:23 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The heavily rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently making all kinds of headlines on the Web with some talking about the device's expected specifications, while others are putting up information about a probable release or announcement date.

The S4, it seems, has a high probability of arriving or even being announced at this year's CES or MWC, and although every detail related to it is currently speculated, there has been quite a few mentions about both CES and MWC in every report that has since popped to state the upcoming arrival of the device.

Now SamMobile has arrived with an entirely new report stating that the site can confirm the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has a build number of GT-I9505, and is an Android device, not a Tizen one, as speculated earlier.

"According to the first firmware of the GT-I8190N (Galaxy S III mini NFC), Samsung is busy with the Q line... The Samsung GT-Q1000 would be a new Android device. We think this might be Samsung's new line of flexible display products," the Sam Mobile report states.

"Of course these are just speculations but we never saw the Q line before by Samsung. This first firmware also confirms the Samsung GT-I9505 is an Android device which could mean the GT-I9505 could be the Galaxy S IV."

What the latest Sam Mobile confirmation means is that the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 will most likely be the LTE version of the device, apart from running on Android operating system. This new product has been discovered in a certain firmware version for the Galaxy S3 mini (GT-I8190N), and it was alongside a whole new device, totally unheard of until now, the GT-Q1000.

Although there is no official idea of as to what this GT-Q1000 is going to be, but, per an Android Authority report, "we could be looking at a new Android family of smartphones. What seems to be more important right now is the fact that the GT-I9505 is powered by Android - and obviously its GT-I9500 brother too."

The S4 also came recently in news when a certain Samsung executive mentioned about the device and confirmed the device's product name, although by mistake.

"So when Kit Lam, who is the Chief Innovation Officer at SERI (Samsung Electronics Research Institute), comes on stage to run through his presentation and lets slip the words "Galaxy S4" during the speech, it's certainly worth taking note of; given that hitherto no one from Samsung had uttered anything about the follow-up to the S3," the report stated.

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