New Service Allows iOS Users To Install Pirated Apps Without Jailbreaking

5 January 2013, 11:34 am EST By Johnny Wills email: Mobile & Apps

Christmas was the best time for iOS developers as app sales jumped by 87 percent and the recent shutdown of Installous shattered iOS piracy; however, the joy was short lived.

With the exit of pirated iOS app store Installous, two new services - Zeusmos and Kuaiyong - are getting popular. Earlier services required jailbroken devices, but the new services allow users to install pirated apps without jailbreaking, which make iOS piracy open to anyone with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device in hand.

According to Zeusmos, the intent of the service is not to encourage piracy, but allow developers to code-sign apps as betas for public distribution to users outside the App Store.

"The intent of Zeusmos will be to SOLELY code sign applications. We will not be supporting or encouraging any form of piracy through the link providers or even via search (although they were based off the iTunes API)," a developer for Zeusmos told The Next Web.

According to The Next Web, these services "are already being used widely, with thousands of stolen apps in the last few weeks alone". Even Twitter search results show endless list of people sharing information about these services and looking for a helping hand in piracy.

"The intents [sic] as I have stated [was] to allow open development for developers. Recently I've had the time to add this feature into Zeusmos called the "Exclusive Apps" section where developers who got their application rejected in the App Store were able to post their application on here for free and share their application to a large audience of users. Such applications even included Grooveshark and many others," the Zeusmos developer added.

Recently, the dev team behind Installous, the popular pirate apps store, shut down the service blaming "stagnant" forums and difficulties in moderation. The shutdown was a sigh of relief for iOS app developers, but the emergence of new services has almost doubled the ease of installing cracked or pirated apps for iOS users.

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