Samsung To Soon Release Firmware Update To Fix Galaxy S3 Bricking Issue

7 January 2013, 10:48 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Owners of the Galaxy S3 can soon rejoice as a Samsung representative has let on that the company is working in a fix for the "sudden death" issue that some users of the smartphone have been encountering.

"Samsung will soon release an update to prevent more Galaxy S III's suddenly a broken motherboard, after which the phone is unusable," reported Tweakers (translated).

Earlier, in December 2012, several Galaxy S3 owners took to Reddit and XDA Developers forum to complain about the "sudden death" or bricking that was happening to their smartphones within a few months of purchasing a brand new model of the smartphone. Users reported that their smartphone simply refused to switch on after being charged overnight, or if the display had been turned off.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung was replacing the affected handsets under warranty.

Now, per reports, a Dutch Samsung representative Anne ter Braak told Tweakers that the error is a "firmware bug" that can be fixed easily via a firmware update.

"It's only a very limited number of Galaxy S III models with 16GB memory (that are affected)," said spokeswoman Anne ter Braak (translated).

The report also disclosed that Samsung will roll out the firmware "as soon as possible"; however, the Korean company did not reveal the timeframe for the roll out. Additionally, an HTML code was previously available to reset Galaxy S3 smartphones; however, this is no longer possible.

With Samsung confirming that it is looking to address the bricking issue ASAP, users of the Galaxy S3 can finally breathe easy.

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