New Samsung Galaxy S Device “GT-I9600” Pops Up In Benchmark Results: Real Or Fake?

7 January 2013, 2:02 pm EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Recently, the heavily rumoured Galaxy S4 or "GT-19500" and a mysterious device "GT-Q1000" from Samsung surfaced online. Now, another new smartphone from Samsung's Galaxy S series "GT-I9600" has popped up online, courtesy a NenaMark 2 benchmark result.

If the benchmark result is to be believed, then Samsung has a new smartphone in the works. However, the benchmark result seems a tad fishy and chances are we could be looking at the Galaxy S3 running on modified software.

The mysterious "GT-19600" was recently spotted on the NenaMark 2 database and had a score of 58.5 frames per second. The results page also shed light on some of the features and specs of the alleged handset, which makes it sound suspiciously similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

"The result reveals a display with resolution of 1280×720 pixels, 1.4GHz processor (quad-core) Android 4.1 OS and Mali-400MP. One thing to note is the specs are similar to Galaxy S III, which makes us wonder about the authenticity of the device," noted SammyHub.

Additionally, the model number of the device, "GT-I9600", does not back the listed specs. Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S4 is speculated to sport the "GT-I9500" model number, and judging by the company's naming conventions, a device that has a higher codename would have superior speed, which the "GT-19600" obviously does not.

According to the NenaMark 2 benchmark results, this model is not only inferior to the impending Galaxy S4, but also the Galaxy S3 (GT-19300).

Reports also suggest that the NenaMark 2 benchmark can be easily manipulated to show any model number, which makes one question the authenticity.

With the benchmark results circumspect, it is too early to say whether the "GT-19600" is real or fake. We'll just have to wait and watch till more details emerge in the near future.

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