Nokia Lumia 920 Successor To Sport An Aluminum Body?

7 January 2013, 2:44 pm EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Nokia launched its first Windows Phone 8 (WP8) powered smartphone line-up in November 2012, which included the high-end flagship Lumia 920 and the mid-range Lumia 820. Since the launch, the Lumia 920 has been quite popular in the smartphone market and now rumors indicate that the successor of Lumia 920 will be thinner, lighter, and will sport an aluminum body.

"Sources familiar with Nokia's plans have revealed to The Verge that the company is planning to switch to an aluminum construction for at least one high-end Lumia Windows Phone planned for release this year. The change is a move away from Nokia's traditional polycarbonate body for its Lumia devices and will mean the new device, codenamed Catwalk, will be a lot lighter and thinner than the existing Lumia 920," reported The Verge.

The existing Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones are made of polycarbonate, making the handsets thicker and heavier than they could be with an aluminum body. The Verge reports that the new aluminum Lumia smartphone will have similar internal specifications to the current Lumia 920 and is codenamed "Catwalk".

The aluminum chassis of the upcoming Lumia will make the handset lighter and thinner, but the handset may get scratched easily when compared to the current polycarbonate body. It will be interesting to see if Nokia brings the aluminum Lumia in an array of colors just like the existing Lumia 920.

Along with the Catwalk, rumors also suggest that Nokia will launch two more Lumia smartphones, probably mid-level phones, that may replace the Lumia 820.

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