Android Jelly Bean Update For Galaxy S3 Fixes Issues In Exynos 4

5 January 2013, 8:26 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

The users of Samsung Exynos 4 devices heaved a sigh of relief as the maker of Galaxy phones and tablets rolled out the much awaited software update.

Users of Samsung devices like the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note2, and the Galaxy Tab 2 had been facing issues of bricking and 'sudden death' since December.

Samsung, last month, confirmed that the issues were surfacing because of flaws in the Exynos 4 processor, and also promised to solve the problem on war-footing.

"Samsung is aware of the potential security issue related to the Exynos processor and plans to provide a software update to address it as quickly as possible. The issue may arise only when a malicious application is operated on the affected devices; however, this does not affect most devices operating credible and authenticated applications. Samsung will continue to closely monitor the situation until the software fix has been made available to all affected mobile devices," Android Central quoted a statement from Samsung last month.

Keeping its promise, Samsung rolled out a software update on Jan. 2 fixing the vulnerability of the processor.

Confirming the fix, Sam Mobile said, "Samsung pushed a software update (I9300XXELLA) to the Galaxy S III and we can confirm that the new software update fixes the infamous Exynos 4 vulnerability. The security flaw was in the kernel which made the device R/W by all users, apps and gave access to full Physical Memory. In short, this vulnerability gave root permissions to *any* app and there was no control over it but now with the new system update the security hole has been patched."

Sam Mobile also expects the update to fix the 'sudden death' issue as the new firmware comes with brand new bootloaders. The confirmation about the 'sudden death' issue will, however, be issued by Samsung only.

Sadly, Galaxy S 3 users in the U. S. will have to wait for their devices to be fixed as Samsung, for now, released the new firmware only for users in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and UK.

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