Aluminum Designed Lumia 920 Successor Would Be The Death Of Nokia (Opinion)

5 January 2013, 8:13 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Rumors of a Nokia Lumia 920 successor with an aluminum design has been making the rounds on the internet as of late, but no one seem to realize there is a serious problem with such a design that could hamper Nokia from adding certain features to the phone.

Nokia over the past couple years invested a lot on certain technologies, some of which the company added to many of their mobile devices. One such technology is NFC, make no mistake that it is an important factor in Nokia's future in the mobile industry, which means no Nokia branded high-end smartphone would ever launch without it.

Another technology the Finnish giant seems to be quite interested in is Wireless Charging. Sure, Wireless Charging is not that useful when one takes a closer look on what it really offers; however, there are many smartphone users out in the wild who are drawn to such shallow things, so Nokia has no choice but to support it.

So you might be wondering, where is this whole article going, does it even make any sense and what does NFC and Wireless charging has to with a next generation Lumia with aluminum design.

How many smartphones with NFC and or Wireless Charging has an aluminum design? Not many, right? If you're still in doubt, then Bing it. You see, there's a reason for all that, aluminum does not play well with NFC and Wireless Charging, data would be blocked from transmitting, leading to a device that is useless in that respect. Unless Nokia has found a way around this problem, an aluminum designed next generation Lumia would be a bad idea.

With users of high-end Lumia's getting use to NFC and Wireless Charging, it is unlikely for Nokia to drop those technologies just to make a device that is slimmer and lightweight in the hands. As noted above, Nokia would have to find a way to make everything work, or predictions of its demise in 2013 could be very much true.

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