Sennheiser Momentum Headphones May Give Beats A Run For Its Money

11 January 2013, 9:59 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Sennheiser has joined this year's International CES with a new range of dazzling headphones, which include the Momentum Black and Red models.

The headphones are light and sport a sleek new look, but also deliver top-quality performance that may give Beats a run for its money. According to Sennheiser, the leading fashion houses are boasting collections with minimal black designs, and nobody said that technology should not be sleek and elegant.

"The look of right now is dark and sophisticated; with elegant silhouettes that emphasize purity and subtly accentuate textures and fine materials," noted the press release (PDF). "This is the world of the MOMENTUM Black, which marries an elegant headband slider of premium stainless steel with earpads and a headband worked from soft and supple leather of the finest quality. A pure design, reimagined with black leather and coolly contrasting subtle red stitching that's very much of the moment."

Though Sennheiser seems to have put a lot of thought into the elegance of the design, the Momentul Black headphones do not compromise in sound quality. They are not bass-heavy headphones but offer a warm, detailed sound that seems very natural. The company has borrowed technologies from its high-end range of headphones to ensure the newest gadget offers a clear sound with great detail and a balanced profile.

"Combining form and function is key to the allure of the MOMENTUM. It's a formula that has proved successful with critics and discerning music lovers alike and its now coming in a black version, with a new look that takes the premium sound experience to the world of fashion," said Maurice Quarré, Sennheiser Consumer Electronics' Director of Product Lifecycle Management.

Besides the design and sound, other features include the circumaural earcups designed to tune out noisy urban environments so that the user can enjoy a quality listening experience. The headphones also come with an optional cable with a smart remote and microphone, allowing iOS users to make and receive calls or control the music.

The 2013 International CES (or CES 2013) tech fest marks the Momentum Black's first public appearance, while the product itself will become available through select Sennheiser partners later this month.

SENN MOM FULL PRORES from Sennheiser electronic on Vimeo.

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