eBay For iOS Updated: Makes It Easy To Sell Items Directly From Phone

8 January 2013, 7:07 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

eBay is making further improvements to its iOS app for users to reap more benefits.

Per reports, the eBay app for iOS has been updated by the developers with the introduction of a smooth selling process that makes setting up auctions (and even buy-it-now instant purchases) a much simpler task.

Similar to the conventional eBay Web Site, the iOS app, now bumped up to version 2.7, will assist users in choosing the right category for the desired item. Moreover, it will also offer guidance on appropriate pricing and shipping charges of the selected items.

It seems like the company has also improved the procedure of adding photos to a user's auction and has also included new editing tools. This will let users edit the photos while staying in the same app and not make a jump into another app to make the previously snapped photos look good.

"For hardcore eBay users, the new listing flow should be a significant improvement. Not only does it feature category, pricing, and shipping guidance, but the photo flow has been improved as well with more editing tools," a TNW report states. "Photos are key to making a solid listing, so the new tools will undoubtedly be scrutinized very closely."

Here is the list updated features:

  • New listing flow makes it faster and easier to sell
  • Category, pricing and shipping guidance
  • Improved photo flow with more editing tools
  • Save multiple listing drafts
  • Finish and start your listings on the phone or the web
  • Speedier checkout
  • Search enhancements
  • Bug fixes and improvements

"A perfect scenario is making the whole listing on the desktop and then heading out with your phone to snap a picture of the item in question, adding a few more details, and then posting the listing directly from your iPhone," the report adds.

Improvement to the app's speed is also a pretty major thing with this new update. eBay states the new, bumped up version now delivers a faster checkout process for buyers. As always, unspecified search enhancements and usual bug fixes round out the latest eBay for iOS update.

eBay, however, is updating its Android and iOS apps separately, with the last such update arriving for Android being almost two months ago.

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