Nokia Denies Any Plans For Android Smartphone

11 January 2013, 10:05 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Not too long ago, a news article via Gizmodo popped up claiming Nokia is considering Android as a platform for future smartphones, but as it turns out, there were a few a problems with translation since the source of the article was in Spanish.

Obviously this turned out to be nothing but bad translation, because from what we know of Nokia and CEO Stephen Elop, the company has no plans to go the route of Android. Google and Nokia were in talks for that to happen a few years ago; however, Nokia chose to go with Windows Phone because that platform allowed it to differentiate itself.

For those who are not well up to speed with the situation, Android does not allow Nokia to launch smartphones that come without Google applications such as Google Maps. The Finnish giant was not too pleased with the shift to Android rumors and debunked the same in a statement.

"Nokia categorically denies that what Elop said implies anything different from what he has stated over and over for months now," noted Nokia's statement. The company also offered a full transcript of Elop's response to the question.

"Do you rule out 100% launching a smartphone based on Android in 2013?

Elop: So, the way I think about it is, in the current war on ecosystems, we are fighting with Windows Phone. That's what we're doing. Now, what we're always doing is asking, how does that evolve? What's next? What role does HTML5 play? What role does Android or other things play in the future? We're looking further into the future, but it terms of what we're bringing to market, and what we're immediately focused on, we're focused on Windows Phone," reads the transcript.

After reading the above statement, some may say that if Nokia is not considering Android, why does Stephen Elop fail to say no each time he's being asked the same question. Well, it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, if everything goes to the dogs with Windows Phone, Nokia may consider switching to Android despite not wanting to do so. The company could go one step further by forking Android altogether, so that it could get away from being subjected to Google and its app ecosystem.

Another reasons for not denying it out right, is that Stephen Elop perhaps want to send Microsoft a clear message that Nokia has options, and can move on any time.

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