Samsung Youm To Give Flexibility To Future Phones

10 January 2013, 7:24 am EST

Samsung, so far, has been pioneering in the display technology by keep updating the Super AMOLED technology. The South Korean company took a giant leap in the display technology as it showcased its new flexible display technology, Youm, on a prototype handset at the International CES.

Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of Samsung Display, showed the world the display that uses extremely thin plastic instead of glass making it bendable and virtually "unbreakable."

 Berkeley featured a smartphone prototype equipped with a curved edge that showed contiguous content along the side of the device.

"Our team was able to make a high resolution display on extremely thin plastic instead of glass, so it won't break even if it's dropped," said Berkeley. "This new form factor will really begin to change how people interact with their devices, opening up new lifestyle possibilities ... [and] allow our partners to create a whole new ecosystem of devices."

The new display technology, though, will take some time to come into the hands of users; it will definitely give more security to their valuable devices.

Rumors in the market had been hinting that Samsung's next generation Galaxy S4 will come with an unbreakable display, and since Samsung's launched Youm we can hope that the new device comes with the flexible and unbreakable display.

Youm's use in any of device will make the device water-resistant up to some extent as the display is made of plastic and is unbreakable.

Last month's rumors and some analysts had indicated towards Samsung's next phone featuring a display which is both flexible and unbreakable.

"Eventually, they'll have unbreakable and flexible displays," Mark Newman, an analyst at Stanford Bernstein in Hong Kong told Reuters in December 2012. "Either the Galaxy S IV or the Galaxy SV will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014. That's going to be a game-changer."

If Samsung becomes successful in bringing the Youm display in its upcoming devices, it will have an upper hand in the market in comparison with arch rival Apple.

Apple has been talking about a flexible display for a long time, but, Samsung has done it and shown this to the world.

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