LG Smart Activity Tracker Set To Challenge Nike's Fuelband

13 January 2013, 11:10 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: a.burlacu@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Fitness and lifestyle gadgets are always popular and LG has decided to hop on to the bandwagon with its Smart Activity Tracker, a Nike Fuelband-like accessory.

A lot of new wearable fitness trackers are already available on the market, but LG aims to combine all of its competitors' best features into one hit product. The LG Smart Activity Tracker bears an uncanny resemblance to the Nike Fuelband, but it also sports one key difference: the former has a touchscreen.

The LG Smart Activity Tracker syncs up to the user's phone via Bluetooth and displays incoming calls, message contacts, and others such information on its touchscreen. Moreover, the wearable fitness accessory could also add a much-desired feature by the time it releases this summer: a heart-rate monitor.

LG's take on the accessory uses an accelerometer and GPS to measure the user's activity. GPS allows the device to tell how fast the user is moving, so that the Smart Activity Tracker knows whether the user is sitting at a desk, taking a walk, or jogging. As previously mentioned, LG would like to add a heart-rate monitor as well, but hasn't made any promises yet. The company still has to figure out how to measure the pulse of a wrist with its wearable gadget.

The Smart Activity Tracker will not hit the market until the summer of 2013 at least, but when it does, it may give the Nike Fuelband a run for its money. While the popular Fuelband sports one single button, LG's version allows users to swipe through various types of information on the touchscreen, and that's a big plus. In addition, LG's accessory also syncs with LG's connected TVs and exercise apps such as "Let's Dance," which means users can see how many calories they're burning while shaking off their extra pounds.

LG's upcoming Smart Activity Tracker works with both iOS and Android and uses a Fitness Band app to track, monitor, and share a user's fitness habits. LG did not provide any pricing details just yet, but said that it plans to release the accessory in several color options to suit various tastes.

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