Angry Birds Space Update Now Offering 30 New Underwater Levels

12 January 2013, 7:00 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Angry Birds Space is back with a bang and will take on those dirty pigs on a brand new playing ground.

Per reports, popular Finnish mobile game developing company Rovio has made an entirely new update - Pig Dipper - to the company's popular Angry Birds Space of the Angry Birds franchise, adding 30 new aquatic levels for iOS and Android players.

"The Angry Birds have landed in the weirdest galaxy yet! All the planets are filled with water, strange aquatic life and worst of all -- Bad Piggies in boats! Use the unique physics of these water planets to set up some fun trick shots! Also, check out the brand-new power-ups: Flock of Birds, Space Egg, and Pig Puffer," the official Google Play page states.

The new Pig Dipper update adds about 30 more aquatic levels to the spatial settings involving the popular physics-based game. Basically, the Angry Birds have discovered a new and peculiar galaxy that has planets composed of water.

These planets have several pigs and other water bodies submerged in the water. Along with 30 new levels, the Angry Birds have also received get some new power-ups.

For example, the player can now make the pigs swell up and float on the water surface by using the Pig Puffer effect. The Space Egg can be used as a cork for the Blackholes. Moreover, players can also turn one bird in to several birds with the Flock of Birds perk If and when they manage to complete all 30 levels. When all the 30 levels are completed successfully, players will be granted access to three bonus levels.

Players who are accustomed with Angry Birds Seasons will easily recognize the orange bird that can be puffed up at the target to destroy it. Note that some levels have an anchor holding on to the boat at bay via a rope with the other end tied to a TNT barrel.

Players here will need to go for the rope that frees the barrel making it buoyant and exploding when it reaches the surface. Rovio, however, cautions players to "get ready for the ultimate underwater boss level".

Angry Birds Space has been one of the top selling and widely played game on several platforms.

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