Grab The Sony Xperia Z For $850 On UK Retailer Expanys

16 January 2013, 1:17 pm EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Sony's Xperia Z flagship smartphone has been creating waves since it was unveiled at the CES 2013 last week. Even though Sony did not announce the exact date of release and pricing for the smartphone, several retailers in Europe have opened registration and pre-orders for the Xperia Z, which gives one a peek into the price.

Expanys, a reputed UK retailer, put up the 5-inch Xperia Z for pre-order at £399 (approximately $644) initially, which seemed reasonably cheap for an unlocked high-end phone. However, Expanys later changed the pricing to £529.99 ($850).

The retailer is offering the Xperia Z in black and notes that should the customer wish to cancel their pre-order at a later date, once the stock arrives, Expanys will not charge any cancelation fee. The white version, however, is currently not up for pre-order.

"If you place a pre-order for this product now, we will not ship the product or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives. There are no cancellation charges," notes Expanys.

Additionally, a Slovakian e-retailer has put up the unlocked Xperia Z for pre-order at EUR 605.99 ($810).

What's more, previously, Sony Mobile Australia disclosed via its Facebook page that the Xperia Z will cost AUD 749 (approximately $790).

"Hi all, it will be $749 direct from Sony Centres and will be available in black, white and purple. Further carrier information as well as price plans will be announced soon," noted Sony Mobile AU on Facebook

Judging by the pre-order pricing, it seems that the unlocked Xperia Z will retail anywhere between $600 to $850, depending on the country. Of course, the carrier pricing will be subsidized as is the norm.

With pre-registrations suggesting that the Sony Xperia Z is set to hit the European shelves by February or March, it will be interesting to see what the official price announcement from the company will be.

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