Get An In-Depth Look At BlackBerry Z10 Hardware And Software Video

16 January 2013, 1:30 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

A new video has surfaced, giving an in-depth look at the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone hardware and software. The video was posted to a German site and the video is in German, but even if you don't understand German, you can still get a pretty good idea of what the device and software are like.

In the video we get a tour of the hardware of the Z10 as well a look at features in the OS and some of the native apps RIM has built into BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry Hub demo shows off RIM's central place where you'll go to view all your email, text, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, etc. notifications.

It also shows off BlackBerry 10's gesture-based foundation that users will use to get around the device. It looks very intuitive. The video also shows off BlackBerry 10's Android-inspired, pull-down menu to access quick settings such Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, alarms and more. We also get a look at the BlackBerry 10 native Twitter app as well as BlackBerry 10's multitasking features. While we've seen most of these features already demoed by RIM, it's always nice to see an unannounced device make its way into someone's hands and be shown off to the world.

I'm sure RIM would much prefer this demo being shown officially by RIM at its BlackBerry 10 media event on Jan. 30 instead of the German website, but with the built up anticipation that many BlackBerry lovers have been dealing with, it's nice that someone is showing them some love wrapped up in a YouTube video.

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