Instapaper For Android Updated: New Features, Improved Performance And More

16 January 2013, 6:39 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Instapaper is back and this time the popular offline reader has pushed out a major update for all its Android-based fans and users.

Per reports, Instapaper has just updated its Android app to version 1.2 which adds a number of new features, previously unseen in the app, and some much needed performance improvements in an attempt to make the popular app a bit crisper.

The new version 1.2 adds a lot of fixes for users. The updated release has introduced the much-requested and the highly anticipated Pagination Mode, which imitates reading from a book or magazine. Moreover, this feature also comes with the option to scroll the page by tilting the Android device up or down.

"Nothing specific as to which bugs were taken care of, however it is hard to complain when things are getting fixed. Same goes for the performance improvements - nothing specific as to what or how, but improvements are generally a welcomed thing," the Android Community states.

Many users will also welcome the fact that the app has been updated to feature the sepia mode that can be found in the Settings. To check out this new mode, users will need to check under the option for Background. However, the Light and Dark options both, as always, remain available.

Additionally, this update also added something new called The Feature. This is a section of editor recommended articles and seems like it could attract a few new users or existing ones, especially the ones who have reached the end of the Instapaper queue. There is also the option to add in-line footnotes now.

However, the main question, per Mobilesyrup, "is whether users are willing to pay $3 for Instapaper for Android when an ad-free experience is available without charge in Pocket for Android, one of the platform's best apps of 2012 as decided by Google. Pocket has many of the aforementioned features and arguably a better reading experience, especially on larger tablets."

Released back in 2012, the Instapaper app for Android missed out on a lot of features that were already present in the iOS version of the app, but the first version of the app became an instant hit nonetheless.

The app is mostly suited for people who just want a copy of an article they are currently reading on their mobile devices and then delete it after use.

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