AC/DC Headphones Unveiled, Coming Soon For $99 - Let There Be Rock!

17 January 2013, 2:35 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

German company On Earz recently unveiled a new line of headphones licensed from AC/DC. The company is preparing to enter the U.S. headphone market with several heavy names, including Elvis Presley, James Dean, and, of course, AC/DC.  

On Earz launched the heaphones last week and they are scheduled to release in Q1 2013. The company also plans to bring its Swagg line to the U.S.

The on-ear headphones licensed from rock legend AC/DC are part of The Legends Series. Each pair of headphones in this series packs the same 40mm dynamic driver, but the design draws from their name sakes, whether it's the electrifying AC/DC, the smooth Elvis, or the charming James Dean.

The Legend Series headphones come with a €99 price tag, and On Earz said it plans to price them at $99 for the U.S. market when it launches the product this quarter. Each set of headphones comes with two cables, one of which is equipped with a microphone that works with Apple's iPhone and iPad combo jacks.

The bands employ a metal strip to provide extra durability, while pressed foam fills out the band. The headphones also sport an additional built-in jack, allowing users to share their music with another person.

The AC/DC headphones look rugged and cool, sporting a rock look worthy of the music legends. The hi-performance 40mm dynamic drivers promise to deliver great sound for an exquisite audio experience, while the exclusive design combines brushed aluminum parts with a black leather look.

The design is foldable, with detachable cables and a carrying case, which makes the AC/DC headphones suitable for traveling. Sharing music is easy due to the additional jack, while the cable with in-line microphone works with iPhones, BlackBerry phones, and other smartphones. The headphones also sport an in-line microphone with remote function for iPhones, BlackBerry handsets, and some Android smartphones.  

The brand name often carries a lot of weight when it comes to such products, and accessories associated with certain bands or singers are usually successful. AC/DC is certainly a heavy weight in the music arena, and $99 seems like an affordable price for enthusiastic fans. In the words of AC/DC, let there be rock!

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