Samsung Galaxy S4 May Get Wireless Charging Feature

18 January 2013, 9:55 am EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the most popular smartphones of 2012 and its successor, Galaxy S4, is one of the most-anticipated smartphone for 2013. Rumors of the Galaxy S4 have already started to surface and the latest buzz is that the Galaxy S4 will support wireless charging.

The Galaxy S4 is expected to include a wireless charging module at the back of the device that will be compatible with Qi standard. However, the wireless charging dock will be sold separately.

The news of wireless charging on Galaxy S4 comes from Korean news portal DDaily, which also claims that Samsung has considered using resonant magnetic technology to transmit power wirelessly.

Resonant magnetic allows charging at distances of one to two meters as well. By contrast, Qi charging technology allows wireless charging at a distance of up to four centimeters only. However, Samsung found that it's not feasible to commercialize resonant magnetic charging.

Third-party wireless charging kits for Galaxy S3 have made their way to shelves, but an official Samsung wireless charger for the smartphone is still awaited by many Galaxy S3 owners.

Wireless charging came into light when Nokia announced that its Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 can be charged wirelessly using a charging plate. Similarly, reports also indicate that the Nexus 4 will also get a wireless charging kit soon.

Wireless charging seems to be one of the key features being imbibed by upcoming smartphones and not surprisingly, companies like Samsung will want to offer the wireless charging feature on its future smartphones to keep pace with the market trends and attract more customers.

Whether the highly-awaited Galaxy S4 will have wireless charging still remains to be seen; however, it should not come as a surprise as more and more smartphones start featuring or offering a wireless charging kit in the near future.

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