BlackBerry 10 Camera App Borrows From Instagram

18 January 2013, 3:23 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

It wouldn't be a regular news day if we didn't have our daily roundup of BlackBerry 10 leaks. The one on the menu today is the very impressive native Camera app in BlackBerry 10.

The Camera app on the BlackBerry Z10 will be something very familiar in its widely loved Instagram-approach to pictures and editing. It's a very impressive camera app with and offers features not found on competing platform native Camera apps. It offers built-in Instagram-like photo filters, a feature Instagram users love and will find familiar when using the BlackBerry 10 Camera app.

BlackBerry offers many different tools in the Camera app of BlackBerry 10 that will impress iOS and Android users alike. RIM has not only created a clone of what's usually found in smartphone cameras, they went beyond and enhanced it by adding a feature/services almost everyone is already familiar with - Instagram. It also has characteristic's of iOS' iPhoto app, which allows you to edit photos on your iOS device with similar features found in the Desktop version of Mac OS X. The app has been a huge success for Apple. Apple charges $4.99 for both the iPhone/iPod touch versions and the iPad version. The app has been so popular that it has been in the top apps purchased list since Apple debuted the app on March 7, 2012.

I am sure RIM took some of its influence from Apple and it makes for a very impressive native camera app. Other smartphone makers need to follow suit when it comes to offering a native camera app. Offer a one-stop shop to handle my pictures and I'm in. It looks like RIM has paid attention to detail and features in the native BlackBerry native Camera app.

More and more leaks are making me want to consider a BlackBerry 10 Device; it just seems to get more and more impressive. Let's just hope this momentum keeps up and continues after Jan. 30 for RIM's sake.

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