Apple Wants To Make Siri More Engaging, Funny And Recognizable Character

18 January 2013, 4:00 pm EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Going by its earlier promise of adding more features to Siri, Apple has posted another interesting job listing on its site, looking for a creative writer who can help the team evolve Siri "as a distinct, recognizable character."

The job listing posted on Apple's site was first noticed by 9to5Mac, followed by wide coverage. The post, which has since been removed, explained what Apple is looking for - someone who can "refresh and refine" the existing Siri content, and "develop and write original dialog to support new Siri capabilities." "A love for language, wordplay and conversation," is a must for the candidate.

As the iPhone maker looks for a developer who can "explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways," the Apple initiative should be seen a more serious approach to make Siri more of a personality to which its users should be able to develop an emotional bond with.

Apple's ideal Siri developer should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, excellent writing skills, impressive cross-cultural knowledge, a rich experience of writing character-driven dialog. He should be a multilingual person with excellent technical language skills. Experience in language translation and user-centered design are listed as plus points for the candidate.

Despite a number of negative sentiments, Siri has managed to stand out in a crowd of "virtual assistants" thronged by the likes of Samsung's S-Voice, Google Now and Desti. In its last Siri update that came in iOS 6, Apple included a deep integration with Facebook and added more information about sports scores, restaurants, movies etc. However, the app has a long way to go to understand natural language as at its present form, Siri opts to search the Web for a query that it does not understand.

You can find Apple's LinkedIn post here.

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