Apple To Debut 4.8-inch 'iPhone Math', iPhone 5S and Nokia-Inspired Lower-Priced iPhone This Year?

21 January 2013, 4:30 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

There's a new report out claiming that Apple is going to unveil three new iPhones in 2013. You saw that right - not one, not two, but three. The report claims Apple will introduce a cheaper iPhone, a next generation iPhone and an iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen currently dubbed 'iPhone Math'.

Apple is expected to move to a more aggressive and frequent iPhone release cycle compared to its previous yearly cycle of launching a new iPhone. The Cupertino giant needs to compete with Samsung which has seen an increase in its smartphone sales due to releasing multiple devices at different price points.

There are current rumors claiming Apple will move back to the June release date it had been using to unveil its flagship iPhone and major release version of iOS. This new report should be taken with a grain of salt. There are tons of rumors of what Apple is building next and these are just the latest leading up to a new iPhone.

The new report claims Apple will launch its next generation iPhone and another iPhone with 4.8-inch display in an event in June. The report notes that the next generation iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5S will debut alongside Apple's first "phablet", currently being called the "iPhone Math".

The device could be Apple's response to the slew of phablets launched by rival smartphone makers and its plunge into the phablet world. Phablets are proving to be a popular choice for consumers who want to blur the lines between a smartphone and a tablet. Samsung kicked off the phablet race with the launch of Galaxy Note and has seen success with its Galaxy Note 2 device, which has already sold around 10 million units since its launch last September.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be an incremental update in terms of design and features currently found in the iPhone 5. Apple will add a few new features to justify the S in the iPhone 5S. An upgraded camera, faster processor, and possibly more storage are some of the rumored features.

Apple is also expected to release a lower-priced iPhone in 2013. The device currently is being described as very similar to the iPhone 5, minus the aluminum casing. The report claims Apple is reducing the cost of the iPhone by using polycarbonate (Nokia Lumia inspired?) to replace the more expensive aluminum casing it uses in its iPhone 5 design. The report suggests Apple will offer the device in six different color models like it currently does with the iPod touch.

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