Montaj Could Soon Become The Instagram Of Video Sharing

21 January 2013, 6:01 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Instagram could be one of the most popular photo sharing platforms of the current generation, but now there is a similar platform just coming up for all the video sharing needs.

Per reports, a brand new video sharing app called Montaj is set to make an appearance at the Apple App Store for iOS-based devices on Jan. 22. An Android version of the app is also scheduled to make an appearance in the second quarter of this year.

Montaj was founded by Demir Gjokaj and Dan Long, a couple of New York-based entrepreneurs whose aim was to make user-made videos actually watchable and shareable. "Hollywood Movies are shot in clips that average about 5 seconds. So the Montaj app emulates this by only capturing 5 seconds of video at a time. This may seem restrictive, but the point is small, easy-to-share videos. Usually if you're shooting a 15 minute video, it's going on YouTube anyway," Android Authority quoted Gjokj as saying.

This, however, is not necessarily a new idea as previous startups like Socialcam and Viddy have already tackled the idea of a completely different platform that would allow users to share their small video clips all over the world with users also hooked to the similar app.

"What would it look like if we made movies like Hollywood?" Gjokaj recently said in San Francisco. He went on to explain that over the past few years, the shot duration for Hollywood movies has shrunk from 11 seconds to below five seconds. Montaj now aims to use that feature. "Your audience wants you to shoot less and pick up the pace," he added.

However, allowing users to share a certain video on a platform isn't as simple as it sounds. This is probably because a video just can't be made presentable by providing a set of filters to it, as it is done for photos. The video shots have to be edited and have to be perfectly sized for a successful upload.

Montaj, however, is past all those problems. Once the five second video segment has been captured, users are directed to a story board interface where they can put the videos in their preferred order.

This includes deleting five second segments they don't want or need. Apart from that, users also have the option to add things like music, filters, and other various edits. There is also the option of shaking the phone to randomize everything.

"There is a little bit of a community aspect, with users able to view videos that their friends or other users create. But you're not trapped in the Montaj community, as you can be in Socialcam or some of the other so-called video sharing apps. That's because Montaj doesn't host its own videos, but relies on YouTube for hosting," a TechCrunch report states.

Check out the video below

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