Google Play Now Offering Popular Xbox Live Arcade Title Ikaruga

21 January 2013, 6:43 am EST

A brand new game straight from the Xbox Live Arcade has made its way to the Google Play.

Per reports, the highly popular and addictive Xbox Live Arcade game Ikaruga has made its way into the Google Play, and is now available for all Android-based devices.

Ikaruga, introduced by Japanese developer G-Gee, is commonly known for its highly acclaimed gameplay. Ikaruga is quite a challenging and fast-paced game that makes use of the color polarity mechanic. What this means is that the player's ship has to be of the same color as the incoming bullets or else the player dies.

"We've seen similar mechanics in a few other games like Polaris. If you are the same color as the plethora of bullets coming at you, your shield will absorb them. However, bullets of another color won't be absorbed," a Droid Gamers report states.

Apart from its impressive mechanics, the game is also quite powerful. Players, after downloading Ikaruga, will note that bullets will fly from every part of the screen. "There are also obstacles players must get around while playing. For a top-down scroller, the graphics are actually pretty good too. It's interesting to note that the main character's name, Shinra, pays indirect homage to one of the most popular Final Fantasy games of all time," Android Authority wrote.

The game follows an interesting storyline as well. It starts off from the point where a long time ago a massive battle between Horai's forces and a freedom federation called Tenkaku. Although Tenkaku fought with the aim of freeing the world from Horai's oppression, all was in vain. Only Shinara survived out of all Tenaku.

Shinra, however, was enraged by the defeat at the hands of Horai's forces and charged into battle alone once more to fight, but this time he was shot down by a village in the furthest reaches of the world.

"The village was known as Ikaruga and it was filled with elder people whom had long ago been exiled after Horai's various conquests." These people found Shinra and decided to help him. However, while Shinara was unconscious, they used their technology to copy the technology of Shinra's ship and added their own powers, knowing he was the world's hope against the Horai. "When Shinra came to, the elders bestowed upon him the finished ship, also known as Ikaruga."

"The Xbox Live Arcade Action Shooter Ikaruga is now available on Android for play on the go! Ikaruga is the first of its kind for Smartphones with its beautiful interface and its smooth UI system," the official Google play page states. "Using your built in shield, absorb all enemy fire and unleash your power! Tear your way through the game!"

Ikaruga is currently available on Google Play for $9.

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