Nexus 10 16GB, 32GB Sold Out On Google Play: Now Back In Stock Again

22 January 2013, 7:59 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The Nexus devices continue to top the chart for being massive fan favorites.

Per reports, Google ran out of Nexus stocks yet again after the Nexus 10 went on sale on the Google Play Store. Later, after about a day and a half, however, the device came back to the Google Play Store for interested users.

The Nexus 10 joined the Nexus 4 for being sold out via the Google Play Store in the United States, although this time Google didn't have to go through the same disappointment as it faced before as the device - both 16GB and 32GB variants - headed back to the store.

After both the variants of the device sold out, there was a brief pause by the company before it finally re-stocked the Play Store with more units of the Nexus device. During that time of pause, a number of Web sites speculated as to when the devices will be back for sale, and nothing could be said with certainty about the device's return.

"There is no word on when they sold out or when they'll be back in stock, sadly. So if you really want a Nexus 10 today, you won't be getting it from the Google Play Store. Not today at least. We've come to expect this problem from LG, but Samsung typically does better with their stock," Android Authority stated.

However, there is every possibility that the device may go out of stock yet again in the Google Play, and if any user is still waiting to buy the device will be happy to know that there are other ways to getting the device, if it's not available in the store.

As Android Police's Jeremiah Rice writes, retail outlets like Walmart or Target are always an option. There are also some smaller places that will carry the device as well. This only means that users won't get the Nexus straight from Google.

Another option, although it's a long one, per Android Authority, "is simply waiting for Google I/O 2013. At last year's Google I/O, the Nexus 7 was released. So there very well could be a newer tablet available this year that could be worth waiting for. If you must have the Nexus 10, retails stores are your only option."

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