Skype For Android Tablets Updated: Video Chat, Portrait Mode And More

25 January 2013, 2:09 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Skype, without doubt, is one of the most important features for users on any platform, and now the Android app version of the feature just got a major boost for tablet users.

Per reports, the Skype app for Android-based tablets has now been upgraded to host and support a number of features to make video calling a bit easier, as well as fun.

The Skype app now has been updated by the developer making it possible for users to use the portrait orientation if they're making a call. This is a nice touch especially since the location of the front-facing cameras on devices like the Nexus 7 makes landscape video chats somewhat uncomfortable.

"Landscape can be a great orientation for working with tablets; it most closely mirrors our experience with computer monitors, so websites look familiar, and some of the most popular tablet games around are designed with a landscape orientation in mind," a Pocketnow report states.

"Considering how the human head (a certain Family Guy character notwithstanding) is more appropriately shaped for portrait mode (which, after all, is where it gets its name from), this change can be a godsend. Unfortunately for now, the change seems to be for chats only, with the rest of the app's UI defaulting to a landscape view."

As always, there's a host of bug fixes that have arrived with the update in attempt to make the app less buggy alongside some much needed performance improvements. The update has also introduced support for languages like Norwegian, Portuguese and English (UK).

However, while this new update seems pretty nice, still it would be even better if the new portrait support expanded to the entire app. Nonetheless, as far as users are concerned, one of them has commented that while the update has introduced support for the portrait mode, it "ignores screen orientation system setting, offers no internal setting. The app is okay generally, better than the desktop client I find anyway."

Moreover, apparently, there are still some issues with the user signing in process, if the user comments are to be believed. Users are still required to use the app in landscape mode and only after placing a call does the user have the option for switching to portrait mode, although even that sometimes doesn't work.

Check here for Skype for Android

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