Amazon Offering Automatic Mobile Photo Upload To Its Cloud Drive

28 January 2013, 9:09 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Amazon is entering the same league as that of Dropbox, Google Plus and Facebook.

Per reports, Amazon is now offering users the opportunity to automatically upload pictures taken on the move with the user's phone or tablet for safe keeping and/or sharing via the Amazon-made Cloud Drive Photos.

The new feature arrived with a brand new update to the company's Cloud Drive Photos Android app, and has made the otherwise normal photo app a more exciting prospect by getting into the competition with the likes of Dropbox and Google Plus.

"Never lose the photos from your phone again. Get 5 GB of free storage to protect and store your phone's photos with Amazon Cloud Drive. Access photos from your Android phone or tablet, your computer, or any web browser. Your memories: safe and secure in the Cloud," the official page states

"Cloud Drive Photos for Android automatically saves your phone's photos in the Cloud and puts your albums at your fingertips from any Android phone or tablet. Start using your 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage today."

Basically, the Cloud Drive Photos app makes it easy for the user to automatically save the phone's photos in the Cloud and have them available anywhere. Users can take a picture with their phone and access it from any of the other connected devices. From here on, the photos will be safeguarded in the Amazon Cloud Drive.

Apart from this, the new update also offers the option to capture photos with the device's camera directly from the app. For this, however, user need to note that this feature only works provided the device has Android 4.0 or higher.

Users can also select multiple files for upload, download, or deletion, view upload and download status, pause, resume, and cancel uploads and downloads, and view current storage usage and receive low-storage notifications.

"While the update is notable for the auto-upload addition, the app itself still comes across as relatively plain, in comparison with the functionality and user interface offered by the competition. But if you're already buying into the Amazon universe for your files, music and photos, then it's a worthwhile upgrade," Techcrunch states.

Amazon's Cloud Drive Photos app was released last November as an essential tool which could serve both as a way to upload photos to Amazon's storage, as well as view the photos saved directly on the user's device.

Head here for the Amazon App Store version of the app.

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