HTC M7 Could Be Made Available On March 8 With Secondary Color Option

31 January 2013, 8:03 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The highly rumored and upcoming HTC M7 is back is news, and this time more new information.

Per reports, while the HTC-made M7 is touted for an upcoming Feb. 19 event scheduled to take place in New York and London, where the company is expected to unveil the Android-based smartphone, new reports have started flowing in stating that the M7 could finally be made available to public on March 8.

The March 8 release date is a new development in the HTC M7's arrival after the device was touted for a release in the second half of March. Now the new date states that the M7 could arrive even earlier than the earlier specified time-frame.

However, if there's any truth to these claims, unnamed sources emphasize that 18 days after the event the HTC M7 will be made available to all the HTC fans, even though Europe will probably get it a little bit before US carriers.

"According to our source, the HTC M7 will go on sale March 8th - only two and a half weeks after the HTC press event scheduled on February 19th. Unfortunately, the source is not able to share which service providers will start selling the HTC M7 on March 8th, but we expect the phone will show up in the UK and Europe before U.S. service providers start stocking their store shelves with the HTC M7," HTCSource writes.

The report also states that the March 8 launch date provided by the unnamed source is in line with previous reports from industry sources which reported that HTC was working to get hold of enough components to manufacture 4-5 million units of the M7 in the first quarter of 2013, "and that HTC would start selling the M7 in Q1 of 2013 in order to have a 2-3 month sales advantage over Samsung's next flagship device."

Apart from this, the M7 is also rumored to arrive with a second color option. It has been reported that apart from the all-black version of the smartphone that was rumored and provided previously, there will also be a silver-and-white variant of the device for those who would like to own a different colored M7.

"Since the design of the M7 (if all the leaked images turn out to be real) doesn't lend itself to a two-toned color scheme, we are going to assume that the silver/white color will translate into a silver casing along the back and sides of the M7 with a white glass bezel around the display," the report adds.

Other rumors have also talked about a possible M7 launch with an aluminum casing similar to the HTC One S. However, nothing can be said with certainty at the moment.

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