Motorola X Mentioned In Company Job Posting

1 February 2013, 7:41 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

More news from the Motorola X smartphone front.

Per reports, the highly rumored Motorola X smartphone has been spotted yet again, and this time, interestingly, the device has been mentioned in a Motorola job posting for a Senior Director of Product Management who will be needed for overseeing the device's release.

The new posting by Motorola Mobility was first seen in put up in LinkedIn, but since news of this story broke, the listing has consequently been taken down. Apparently, Motorola is seeking a skilled individual to head up the development and execution of a "next generation smartphone platform," although nothing solid has been mentioned about the device's features or specifications in the job listing, as expected.

"The odd thing about the listing is it reads as though development of the X Phone is still in the early stages. That wouldn't necessarily jive with rumors that Google could launch the device as soon as their I/O developer conference, but, again, it's nearly impossible to glean anything from a basic job description," a Phandroid report says.

However, there's a host of ways fans could relate to the new report and as to why Motorola decided to take it down so fast. Moreover, with an unconfirmed phone name displayed so publicly in a job title, to be precise, it can be easily assumed that once the device is made official, it is bound to get a new official name (and to be called "X" phone).

Nonetheless, the only that can be surely assumed from the latest listing is that the device is actually real, and that the X that is currently used to define the phone could just be the internal code name for the handset. However, it is just unreal that a company would actually announce or promote a final product name this far ahead of launch.

The last time the Motorola X came into news was last month when it was reported that the smartphone could arrive on July 8 after the device gets a probable announcement by mid-day at the upcoming Google I/O.

Apart from this, it was also stated that the device could become one of the highly anticipated smartphones of the year, owing to the fact that it could easily arrive running on the next generation Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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