Samsung Galaxy S4 May Herald New Country-Specific Update Services

1 February 2013, 12:22 pm EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

The most anticipated smartphone of the year - Samsung Galaxy S4 - is constantly in the news for various reasons including the never-ending rumors surrounding its specs, features, release date etc. Even as the predecessor of Galaxy S4 - Galaxy S3 - is still selling like hotcakes, Samsung is planning to develop better strategies to have more control on updates and sales of its new device.

Samsung has reportedly set itself an ambitious target of selling 10 million Galaxy S4 units every month and the South Korean tech giant is now planning to start a new update service on Samsung Galaxy S4 to have a better control on updates and to know exactly how many devices have been sold in all countries.

"Samsung's plan is to stop the retailers that are shipping, for example French based software devices to the Netherlands. Samsung won't give devices updates if you bought a phone outside your home country," Sam Mobile reports.

The news is not so good for retailers because such a move will result in a scenario where retailers will have to pay more and the prices will eventually go up. More importantly, customers will have to wait longer to get their hands on the device. "So far we can conclude from our information Samsung will start to test this way by no longer notification through OTA (over the air)," the report said.

Though Samsung will continue to use Kies and OTA service, it would test the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) based updates in the future. Things would not be so good for developers if Samsung choose to use IMEI tracking for updates. "We do not expect Samsung to choose this way at the moment. For Samsung at the moment KIES and OTA are fine. IMEI could be dangerous for Samsung self too," the report notes.

Starting an update service on Samsung Galaxy S4 means the company will have more control over updates in each country. It would also speed up the updates, and Samsung will get exact sales numbers. Most importantly, Samsung will be able to make a price hike or cut as the situation demandsor even stop a device's production if there's very little demand.

However, retailers will be confined to shipping country-based devices because customers won't be able to update their smartphones in other countries. The retailer shop price is expected to go up if Samsung adopts the new system. And, it's going to affect consumers too as it would delay the arrival of new devices and the products could be expensive. In addition, users will not be able to update their devices outside the country, which means if you're staying in a foreign country for long, you're out of luck.

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