Verizon Galaxy Nexus Accessories Available At Discounted Prices In Verizon Stores

3 February 2013, 10:39 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Verizon is looking to get rid of remaining stock of Galaxy Nexus accessories ever since it decided to officially put the Galaxy Nexus out to pasture. So, if you're still in love with your Galaxy Nexus, now is a good time to get some accessories at discounted prices from Verizon.

Droid-Life is reporting that some Verizon retail stores still have Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE accessories in stock and are selling them at lower prices to get rid of inventory.

One reader reported getting a Galaxy Nexus car dock for $9.98 (the original price is $39.99).

The extended battery is also on sale for $29.98 compared to the original $49.98. You can find the extended battery for even lower prices online though.

Cases for the Galaxy Nexus are also being reported at discounted rates in Verizon retail stores. If you're looking to get some previously expensive Galaxy Nexus accessories for a discount, now would be a good time to pop into your local Verizon Wireless Store, or call ahead to see if they have any accessories in stock.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus was Verizon's first and only Nexus branded smartphone. It was a very popular device for the carrier as it offered a promise of being able to get the latest version of Android whenever Google released an update. That part of the equation never materialized, which is probably why Google has not partnered with Verizon on another Nexus smartphone. The Galaxy Nexus never received the promised updates in a timely fashion since Verizon took its time in approving any OS updates for a smartphone running on its network.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus has a healthy following and many developers are still creating amazing tweaks, apps, ROMs, etc. for the device. So while we're sad to see the Galaxy Nexus depart from Verizon at least you can get some accessories on the cheap.

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