Motorola X Back In News: Big Battery, Kevlar Body And More

2 February 2013, 9:10 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The heavily rumored Motorola X smartphone has been gaining a boatload of traction over the last few months, and now the Motorola smartphone has gained more momentum with details about more features that could arrive with the device.

Now , per reports, the new smartphone from Motorola, on arrival, could be made out of Kevlar, at least the chassis of the device, if not the whole thing, which will make it more durable for use. This, if true, will not be something new as far as Motorola and its previous smartphone offerings are concerned.

Moreover, the device's battery is also expected to be similar to those powering the company's Maxx phones. A new, unnamed source has also claimed that though the device is still a prototype of the original one, it has actually managed, per a Phone Arena report, "to get them through several road trip hours on a charge with the GPS software constantly on, which usually is an activity that kills your juicer in no time."

"One of his contacts is allegedly already toying with an early prototype of the Motorola X phone, and his observations so far tie in with what we heard from Google during the last quarterly conference call - that it will work with Moto to address two critical areas where today's smartphones are lacking - battery life and durability."

However, as learnt earlier that the X could arrive with a five-inch display, new information related to the device state that this could be drastically altered to a 4.8-inch screen, alongside a quad-core processor, and a much needed microSD card slot. Although an external card slot is expected to arrive, the device's storage has been rumored to be bumped up to a 128 GB version.

Besides reports of the device running on the upcoming version of Android - Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the phone is said to boast a much better camera than the ones Motorola currently uses, with the source saying that it could be a Sony sensor. This could turn out to be true as Apple's exclusivity with the Japanese has currently drawn to an end.

"If this turns out to be true, all flagships this year but LG, are likely to utilize some variations of the "stacked" Exmor RS camera sensor from Sony, and we don't blame them - it takes much less of the valuable space inside a phone, and has hardwired HDR abilities in both pictures and video mode," the report added.

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