Nokia Lumia 620: Which UK Retailer Has The Best Deal?

7 February 2013, 11:58 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Nokia's budget-friendly Lumia 620 has been creating quite a stir since its recent UK launch. The entry-level handset is now available for purchase via several retailers and carriers in the UK.

To help you choose the cheapest available option, we take a look at the best deals that are on offer for the SIM-free model of the Nokia Lumia 620 from top retailers.

Unlocked Mobiles

Retailer Unlocked Mobiles has the Lumia 620 up for grabs in both black and white options. The retailer is offering the SIM-free version of the Lumia 620 for £214.98 (inclusive of VAT) with free next day delivery and three-months free insurance. Unlocked Mobiles also asserts that the handset "will work on any network."

To buy the Lumia 620 from Unlocked Mobile, head here.

Clove UK

Clove UK is also retailing the SIM-free Lumia 620 in both black and white hues. However, Clove's pricing is slightly more than that of Unlocked Mobiles and will cost you £226.80 (inclusive of VAT). Additionally, Clove also charges £5 for postage.

To buy the Lumia 620 from Clove, head here.


Consumers can also pick up the black Lumia 620 from Argos, which will set them back by £199.99 (inclusive of VAT). However, the phone is listed as PAYG on carrier Three. Consumers can also opt for any of the four microSD cards at half price; however, this offer is valid only till July 26, 2013.

To buy the Lumia 620 from Argos, head here.

Carphone Warehouse

The Nokia Lumia 620 is also slated to come to Carphone Warehouse in February and is listed as "coming soon." However, currently no information on the pricing or release date is available on the retailer's Web site.

Those interested, however, can pre-register for updates on Carphone Warehouse, and will be informed when the Lumia 620 is available for order.

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