Forget Prozac: Apple Stores Bring Tim Cook Up When He's Feeling Down

13 February 2013, 3:16 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Millions of people suffer from depression and many find doing a certain activity or taking antidepressants like Prozac can dramatically improve their condition. Exercise, therapy and meditation are a few examples of activities people choose instead of popping a pill. If you're Apple's CEO Tim Cook, all it takes is a trip to an Apple Store to snap him out of feeling down.

Tim Cook spoke at a Goldman Sachs technology conference and when speaking about Apple's retail stores, he described how he uses Apple's retail stores as a way to bring him up if he's feeling down.

"I go into an Apple store and it instantly changes. It's like Prozac. It's an unbelievable feeling — like no other. Whoever thought a store could do that?" Cook said at the conference.

Going to Apple stores, which are often crowded, reminds the CEO of the company's place in pop culture and the role it plays in promoting Apple's products. He describes the retail stores, not Apple's Cupertino headquarters, as being the face of Apple. He even attributes the success of the iPad to Apple's stores they allow customers to walk in and play with all of Apple's products. Potential customers are able to see how the iPad and other products operate before they buy them and imagine how the devices might integrate into their lives. Once they have a taste, people are more likely to get hooked.

It makes sense if you're the CEO of Apple that seeing a crowded Apple store filled with customers playing with all of the devices you're currently selling would make you feel better when you're down. It must feel very satisfying to see people marvel at and be excited about all the products your company creates, and Apple has learned sales of those products are given a lift by the real-world marketplace.

Sales equals money, so watching Apple store sales checkouts is likely to help you feel better if you're the CEO of Apple. Money might not buy happiness, but for some, it might be better than Prozac.

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