Android Now Offering Plex Beta For PlexPass Subscribers

18 February 2013, 7:29 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Plex was already on the verge of presenting a completely redesigned version of its app, and now it seems like the time is finally here.

Per reports, Plex has recently revealed a beta version of the popular Plex app which is a completely redesigned version of the original app, and is currently available in the Play Store.

As of now, the beta build of the app is only available for PlexPass subscribers, and is a part of one of those welcoming features that users have come to expect since they pay monthly or yearly for extra Plex features. Needless to say, the redesigned app looks much more amazing than it actually used to.

The page states that this is a "preview release of the Plex app for PlexPass subscribers," and also instructs interested users not to download it "unless you have a PlexPass subscription as it will not work for you otherwise."

It has also been confirmed that this version of the app will be made available as a free upgrade for existing users once it is out of beta, and that Android 3.2 or higher will be required. Users have also been told to make sure that they have installed Plex Media Server v0.9.7.13 or later.

The new PlexPass has some new changes to offer. The app should now be GTV-compatible and will also do connectivity check when user taps refresh on the home screen. Users can also add a share action, and this allows queuing URLs to Plex from other applications.

As far as fixes are concerned, there are fixes to quite a few crashes, with improved memory usage around music playback, reduced memory usage around background art, will consider non-shared servers for default, and a fix where unwatched filter was backwards.

"The app, which adheres to the Android design guidelines very closely, should be quite the step up from the current, um, not-so-good-looking version. On top of a much more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, the new version of Plex will also work as its own media server, so you can stream audio/video/other stuff from one Android device to another, instead of just from your PC to Android," Android Police writes.

"That's pretty good for anyone who keeps stuff stored locally on their Android device and has no desire to keep multiple copies across their various devices."

Check out the video below

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