HTC One Official Accessories: All You Need To Know

20 February 2013, 8:17 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

HTC One has already arrived after all the hype and rumors surrounding it for quite a while. The new smartphone, alongside it, has brought about a boatload of cool new accessories to go with the handset.

Among the new accessories arriving with the device, there are a set of folding cases, and one of which gives the device the look of the previous HTC Thunderbolt, with dual-color options, a 6,000 mAh battery bar, and a brand new car kit. There is also a new HDMI kit, with multiple choices for colors on all deliverables.

“We will have our choice of just about anything we could readily use. Need an official case to protect all that aluminum? No problem, HTC has two of them! Do you miss the old iMac from 2002, with that metal arm jetting out of the base? Again HTC feels your pain,” Android Authority states.

There is a new kickstand available which, according to Slash Gear, “takes on a form not unlike what we saw with the HTC One “EVO” device we experienced earlier last year.” The fold-over case “employs red and black on its insides, leading us to believe that a Verizon version of the HTC One might be on the way – DROID perhaps.”

For anyone who is still not satisfied with the HTC One casing options, it will be good news to know that HTC has already sent the phone design specifications to many top case makers in an attempt to ensure there are a host of accessories for the March launch of the phone.

Among others, Belkin, Otterbox, Morphie, Speck, and Casemate all have the design, and are expected to be working on cases.

“Maybe the coolest of all the accessories (in my opinion) is the on-the-go charger. A brilliant move for those of us who will undoubtedly need a portable charging system. HTC also hasn’t lost touch with their roots, offering a case with the familiar kick-stand we used to get on HTC devices,” Android Authority adds.

As far as other accessories are concerned, they aren’t anything new, and users familiar with HTC products will know them as soon as they see them. These, of course, are the likes of HTC Car StereoClip, Beats Earbuds, and the HTC Media Link HD for HDMI projection excellence.

Check here for more HTC accessories images.

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