Google Maps Set To Introduce Lane Guidance?

22 February 2013, 8:15 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Google Maps is easily one of the most-used apps by anyone on the go or looking for a specific destination, and Google keeps the users' faith by pushing out regular updates, new features and improvements. And much more may be on the way for Google Maps users.

Per reports, hints of a new Maps update show that Google plans to add support for lane-based guidance. The evidence was uncovered via a latest Maps APK.

Apart from the general turn guidance that Google provides, some of the other competitive paid apps offer detailed breakdowns on which specific lane or lanes the user needs to be in, provided the highway is about to split. Now Google is said to be applying the same.

"So, apparently there is a version of Google Maps out there (probably the internal dogfood version) that will display the number of lanes on a road and turn arrows for each lane, presumably during Navigation. This would let Googlers drive around and test this, and give them an easy way to report problems with it," Android Police writes.

The lane guidance, it seems, is coming to Google Maps Navigation. In the latest update is a new, unused text for the "Report A Problem" feature, which is a bit revealing:

"What's wrong with this lane guidance?
Wrong number of lanes
Problem with arrows
Bad lane recommendation"

As of now, this text is the only hint of this feature actually existing in the app. Maps, anyway, is still missing all the UI parts "that this would need to work, like arrows, and a spot to put them. They either don't exist yet, or, more likely, Google is testing this and they meant to remove everything from the public version, but they forgot about the text."

However, a new update from Android Police states: "As a couple people have pointed out, most of the lane guidance systems, including the one pictured, use a 3D display for lane information. I found a "3D" button in Maps a few months ago, maybe they're related?"

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