iPhone Backup Data Can Now Be Pulled By HTC One

23 February 2013, 6:41 am EST

This, apparently, is an interesting piece of information that takes two entirely different smartphone companies and gives them something in common, something that potential buyers and users can reap the most benefit out of.

Per reports, the new HTC One will have an amazing ability to sync a user’s backed up data from an iPhone pretty painlessly, and also without much delay.

While there were quite a few reports in the past stating how the backside of an iPhone 5 has a notable resemblance to that of the HTC One, the new report takes that information to an entirely different direction with new details about the swift transfer of data.

There is a brand new Sync Manager debuting with the HTC One that will have the ability to process a backup of a user’s iPhone and the other person’s HTC One for data to transfer to the Android operating system.

This is also said to include both media, for example, the photo and video libraries, alongside other important data like entries from the calendar, and even saved text messages.

“Yes, you read that right. HTC’s Sync Manager will get the ability of reading iTunes backups, and sifting through those for all the photos, videos, calendar entries, and text messages it can find. Those are then automagically transferred to your HTC One,” Unwired View writes.

Why this makes so much sense on the part of the Taiwan-based company is because this would make it easier for users to make a switch from an iPhone to an HTC One, especially as far as text messages are concerned as they cannot be easily copied out of a phone.

Hopefully, users will also see this same support available on other HTC models in the future, however, as of now, it’s only been confirmed for the HTC One.

Also, it is still unclear at the moment if the new version of Sync Manager will work on both PCs and Macs, although the current one does. Moreover, the current version also has some sort of support for iTunes, though that is mainly related to the management of music.

“Sure, users will still need to learn their way around a new OS, and put together a whole new collection of apps, but we’ll admit that this sounds like a pretty graceful way to lower some of the initial resistance to switching platforms: at least you’ll still have your stuff,” Pocketnow states.

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