YouTube For Android Updated: Google Plus Integration, Enhanced TV Controls And More

23 February 2013, 10:36 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

YouTube is probably one of the most important apps to have on a smartphone, irrespective of Android or iOS, and now the app just got even better.

Per reports, the YouTube app for Android has now received a brand new update that makes the app even better than it used to be with some important updates.

While the best thing about Android remains to be its tight integration with Google's ecosystem of products and services, there was actually an issue where not everything was instantaneously available. However, now with the update, one of the main additions to the app is the app's integration with Google Plus.

Among other much-needed improvements to the app, the YouTube app version 4.3.9 includes integration with Google Plus. Users can now use their Google Plus profile when commenting or liking videos.

Moreover, the company has also fixed the previous full-screen button bug which some users complained about, or might have experienced while switching across full-screen mode.

"Another feature is the TV playback controls directly available on the notification bar. This gives you easier access to YouTube playback even while switching across apps. This will come in very useful when you're watching YouTube videos through a paired TV and you want to use another app," Android Authority states

Uberzimo states in its report: "How many of you actually spend more time on YouTube on your Android-powered device than on a notebook or desktop computer? Well, with the advent of 4G LTE connectivity, you know that mobile data has become a whole lot faster and more convenient for the masses, which is more than enough to stream YouTube videos on the go without having to be bogged down by the nasty 'waiting' icon."

Basically, the new version includes the following:

Use your Google+ profile on YouTube

Control TV playback directly from the notification bar

Fullscreen button bug fixed

Additionally, it has been reported that there is a brand new app called Floating YouTube Popup Video. This is a free app which does exactly what the name suggests, and provides a pop-up window for watching YouTube videos from any screen on the user's phone or tablet.

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