Battery Drain In Android Smartphones: Three Free Applications That Can Help You

8 April 2013, 7:27 am EDT By Shailesh Shrivastava Mobile & Apps

Android-based devices are the most popular devices in the world, be they tablets or a smartphones, but as the devices have a choice of many applications available over the Internet, the battery is one of the concerning issues for the owners of those devices.

There are many reasons behind the battery drain in an Android device, and there are many free applications available at Google Play store that can save your battery up to a certain extent.

Here are three free applications that can save the battery of your Android device:

1: Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver comes with four preset saving modes and advanced customized mode. General Saving Mode has the basic network control, screen control and the sleep schedule to meet your normal battery saving needs.
Intelligent Saving Mode has eight different controls and runs intelligently to save more battery than general saving mode.
Super Power Saving Mode can keep your phone's standby time as long as possible; you won't have to worry any more about whether your phone dies at a crucial moment due to running out of battery.
Advanced Customized Mode is the best choice; you can set all the values as you like, and let your phone run your way.

The application comes with tutorials that tell you how to deal with multi-tasking and how to charge your battery.

2: Android Battery Monitor

This application is not exactly for saving your battery power, but it is important as it shows so many things related to the battery of your Android device. The Android Battery Monitor displays all information using good graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable. The application displays historical graphics or battery data on your home screen using widgets of various sizes. It also triggers an alarm based on battery data (voltage and temperature limits).

3: Battery Percentage Notifier

With this app every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the Web. This application shows the battery information in percentage, supports the new lock screen widget introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, offers quality support for Android devices — from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2, comes with power source indicator. It displays the precise battery level in 1 percent increments. The app also shows the temperature and voltage.

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