Samsung Galaxy S4 Faces Overheating, Battery Drain Issues

4 May 2013, 8:07 am EDT By Shailesh Shrivastava Mobile & Apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 devices are still being shipped to some world markets and even before the company could distribute the new device in every part of the globe, some bad reports are coming in for the company as well as the users of the Galaxy S4.

Following the Galaxy S4's launch in the U.S., many users started complaining about faults they found in the screens and display of their devices, and now there are reports about overheating of the device and battery drain.

As usual, affected users have gone to tech forums to discuss their problems and are trying to find some help or solutions.

Users are complaining about the Galaxy S4 devices reaching a temperature where they can't hold the phone against their ear while talking.

"I've just now received my Galaxy S4 with Exynos-Octa processor, and from the first minute I noticed overheating, specially in the ear area and it's annoying, is anyone faced the same problem?" a user posted on XDA Developers forum.

People are also posting their problems related to the Galaxy S4 on Android Forums in search of a solution.

"I just bought a Galaxy S 4 days back then it was over heating like ****. So got it replaced then this one too is heating like this. When I play Angry Birds or go to Internet using edge for just 10 mins my phone overheats from 40 to 46. When I put that to charge and then use it for downloading it went to blasting 50 degree Celsius. I am fed up of this it's very very uncomfortable to hold," another user posted on AndroidForums.

As the phone is already facing overheating issues, it is always possible that the heat is generated as a result of extensive use of the battery that shoots up the temperature of other hardware components.

Users are also reporting battery drain issues on forums at the same time.

"I'm having the same heating issue, but I've noticed that I have the famous 'mediaserver battery drain' issue too. Check under 'Settings -> More -> Battery' and see if 'Mediaserver' is at the top of the list, and if so, what percentage? Mine is sitting at 55%.  I'm down to 31% battery life after 2hrs 43mins of use. I suspect the overheating is a symptom of this misbehaving mediaserver, but I could be wrong," a Galaxy S4 user posted on XDA forum.

Users of Galaxy S4 handsets are also facing screen-related problems in the device. The users experienced smudges and smearing of the display.

Samsung has not issued any statement regarding these problems so far.

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