LG V510, ‘indeed’ a Nexus device – Is this the rumored Nexus 8?

9 December 2013, 8:14 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

A yet-to-be-announced LG V510 is apparently "indeed" a Nexus tablet, possibly the rumored Nexus 8 model or a new Nexus 10 tablet.

Google has already launched a new Nexus 7 tablet and a new Nexus smartphone this year, but no larger-size 2013 tablet. A new-generatio Google Nexus 10 is expected to launch soon, but there are also reports of a future 8-inch Nexus tablet. Nothing is confirmed for now, but a trusted tipster now mentions an LG-made Nexus tablet, bolstering previous speculation.

Well-known tipster @evleaks has just offered a bit of information, but didn't really give much to go on.

"The LG V510 tablet is indeed a Nexus device. [via tip]," tweeted @evleaks on Sunday, Dec. 8, without offering any additional details.

Google has yet to announce such a new  tablet, but this purported LG V510 expected to surface either as the rumored Nexus 8 or the new-generation Nexus 10. The leak just gives a model number, but doesn't mention whether it's for an 8-inch or a 10-inch device.

On the other hand, the model number itself could give a hint. The LG V500 is the model number for the newly-launched LG G Pad 8.3. The similarity between that model number and the one tweeted by @evleaks may suggest that the LG V510 is an 8-inch device as well.

If the LG 510 does prove to be a Nexus tablet, it seems odd that Google has not announced it yet so it could launch the device in time for the very lucrative holiday shopping season. Keep in mind, however, that it's still in the rumor state for now.

Evleaks has a good track record when it comes to outing unannounced devices or various plans in the tech world, but that doesn't guarantee that the leak is accurate. The reliable tipster does add more credibility to rumors, however it's still advisable to take everything with a grain of salt until official confirmation.

If Google does have a new tablet in the works, be it an 8-inch or a 10-inch slate (or both), the company should make an announcement soon enough. In the meantime, it remains unclear what the LG V510 is and when it will debut. 

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