Smartphone owner films Galaxy S4 catching fire, Nokia offers him a Lumia to show ‘how customer service should *really* work'

11 December 2013, 9:14 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

A Samsung Galaxy S4 owner recently saw his phone catch fire. After hearing about the incident, Nokia offered the guy a free Lumia smartphone.

Bigwig companies often take advantage of any chance they get to take a jab at a competitor, and this case may well be the poster for it. From time to time, news surfaces of a defective device that catches fire, electrocutes someone, or shows some other such serious faults.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4, one owner saw his smartphone catch fire. While most of these incidents are reported and show up with pictures of the damaged device, this time the owner actually documented the whole thing on video for everyone to see. You can watch the proof for yourself in the first video below.

The owner of the Galaxy S4, Richard Wygang, obviously contacted Samsung about the issue. The company offered to give him a replacement Galaxy S4, but not without strings attached. Samsung asked Richard to remove the video and agree to some terms before receiving the replacement smartphone.

Instead of just going with Samsung's terms and conditions and get the new smartphone, however, Richard refused to take down the video and agree to Samsung's terms. Moreover, the guy made another video, this time including the terms and conditions that Samsung sent him. You can watch it in the second video below, or read the letter from Samsung here.

The story gets even better, as Nokia saw the whole thing and decided to intervene. The Finnish company offered Richard a free Lumia smartphone, seizing a great opportunity to take a jab at Samsung.

"Let me send you a Nokia Lumia so you can experience how customer service should *really* work," Nokia USA wrote on Twitter, in response to Richard Wygang's post about his issues with Samsung.

As expected, more tweets followed not only from the ones directly involved, but also from others watching the conversation. Some other user even said he went through a similar issue with Samsung.

"@NokiaUS same thing happened to my s4 Samsung blamed me then tried to charge me. I'm not trying to get a free phone just saying," reads another tweet from a user named Craig.

Samsung did not participate in this conversation, but it likely didn't see Nokia's offer as such a kind gesture. Find the two videos below.

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