The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessory Pack: Six items for $27.49

27 December 2013, 10:47 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Mobilefun is offering the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessory Pack, bundling six accessories for just $27.49 to enhance your phablet experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best devices of 2013 and has enjoyed great success so far. It has exceeded its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2, in popularity, and it will likely remain in high demand for a good while.

As smartphones, phablets, and tablets are popular purchases during the holiday season, chances are that plenty of consumers now have a new Galaxy Note 3 on their hands and are looking for various accessories to go along with it. There are a slew of accessories available for the phablet, and many may find an accessory bundle more attractive and affordable.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessory Pack is available in many regions worldwide and comes with six accessories, including a case, a charger and various mounts. Moreover, each accessory has been skillfully designed to work with the others.

The FlexiShield Cover provides wraparound protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while also allowing for easy and convenient access to the device's ports and camera. The bundle also includes five MFX screen protectors, which aim to protect the display from scratches while also allowing for crystal clear viewing.

The Galaxy Note 3 Car Charger comes in handy for charging the phone on the go, while the different mounts included in this bundle aim to make it more convenient to store the phablet. These mounts include a Car Holder, a Desk Stand, as well as a Mini Portable Desk Stand.

Mobilefun has the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessory Pack available for $27.49. The bundle appears as in stock at the time of writing and is available in both white and black color options.

The product pages linked here are for the U.S. bundles, but Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners in other countries can benefit from the accessory pack as well. If you're not in the U.S., go to the top of the product page and select your country to check whether the bundle is available in your region.

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