Upcoming Chrome update will reduce data usage by 50% while browsing on mobile

16 January 2014, 11:43 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Google is planning to release an update to the mobile version of its Chrome browser, promising to slash data usage while browsing in half.

As the mobile space is constantly growing and evolving, an increasing number of users are relying on their mobile devices to do at least some of their online browsing.

Mobile data, however, doesn't always come cheap, and Google aims to considerably reduce data usage while browsing on the mobile version of Chrome.

"Chrome's data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on Chrome for Android and iOS," the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

According to Google, more than a fifth of adult smartphone users in the U.S. alone now do most of their web browsing on mobile devices. A similar trend is reportedly seen worldwide as well.

"That's why we'll be rolling out a new feature on Chrome for Mobile to help you reduce data usage and save money on your mobile plan," the company further touts.

In order to reduce their data usage, users will have to enable the data-savings option in Chrome's Settings menu. To do so, go to Settings > Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage. From there, simply turn the toggle "on" and start decreasing your data usage. Once this setting is enabled, users will also be able to track just how much data they're saving each month while browsing on Chrome due to the new update.

The new Chrome update is reportedly set to roll out sometime within the next few days and will be available for both the Android and iOS mobile versions of Chrome. Moreover, the upcoming update for Chrome for iOS will also bring Google Translate to the table, allowing users to translate web pages while browsing. This option is already available on the desktop and Android versions of Chrome, and is something that iOS users have been requesting. Meanwhile, the Android version of Chrome will also get its fair share of goodies, as the update will add some home-screen shortcuts.

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