AT&T’s new mobile share family plans promise heavy savings (VIDEO)

2 February 2014, 8:18 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

AT&T has launched new family planw that aim to make it easier to share while also allowing customers to make significant savings.

The carrier's new family plans come with unlimited talk and text, as well as 10GB of data available for sharing among all family members.

"These new plans give customers what they want - our best-ever prices on a best-in-class network," David Christopher, AT&T Mobility's Chief Marketing Officer, touted in the press release on Saturday, Feb. 1. "We're making it easy for families who want it all - great service, great value and big bucket of data to share."

Under the new AT&T family plans, customers can pay $130 for two devices and an additional $15 for each new line they want to add. In other words, this looks like the most advantageous deal for three or more lines, as it is the cheapest option among all four major carriers in the U.S.

AT&T's new plans are available for both new and existing customers, including small businesses with up to ten lines. This is a no-contract plan, which means that interested customers will have three options: bring their own device to the network, purchase one off-contract from AT&T, or sign up for the carrier's early upgrade program called AT&T Next. With the latter, customers can get a new device every year for $0 down and no annual service contract.

As previously mentioned, this new family plan comes with 10GB of data for all family members, not 10GB each. If a family exceeds this data bucket, they will have to pay $15 for each additional GB they used. Existing customers that already have family plans with 10GB or more of shared data will be automatically shifted onto the new, more convenient plans.

Moreover, AT&T will also give $100 bill credit to all new and existing customers for each new line of service added to their plan, but this is a limited-time offer. The deal applies to smartphones, feature phones, tablets, mobile hotspots, or AT&T's home phone service.

AT&T's new value plan is set to go into effect on Sunday, Feb. 2. To learn more about this new option and determine which plan would be best for you, check out AT&T's site at this link, or watch the video below.

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