Beautiful iPhone 6 concepts with large screens

8 February 2014, 9:03 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Apple is widely expected to launch larger-screen iPhones later this year, but designer Federico Ciccarese is ready to show off his iPhone 6 concept designs now.

The designer didn't want to wait until Apple actually releases its next-generation iPhone to see what it will look like, so he jumped the gun and envisioned two beautiful iPhones with large displays.

Banking on the Wall Street Journal's report last month that Apple would launch two new iPhones in the latter half of 2014, one with a 4.5 screen or larger and another with a 5-inch display or larger, Ciccarese came up with two concepts of his own.

The designer envisioned an iPhone with a large 5.5-inch display and a resolution of 1,568 x 878 pixels, and another with a 4.7-inch screen and a resolution of 1,338 x 750. Ciccarese posted several images, including one with the 4-inch iPhone 5S posing next to the larger-screen iPhones (see above).

It wasn't too long ago that Apple made one small step in launching an iPhone with a 4-inch display, instead of the 3.5-inch screen found on all previous iPhones. The current iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which made their debut back in September, sport 4-inch displays as well.

As the smartphone world is constantly changing and advancing, handsets with increasingly bigger screens are taking the scene and casting shadows on Apple's smaller iPhones. The company is said to be working on larger-screen iPhones to catch up to its rivals, but it's hard to imagine that Apple would jump from 4 inches all the way to 5.5-inch displays or larger.

On the other hand, the phablet trend has proved to be really popular and it brought Samsung great success. Several companies have launched super-sized smartphones bordering on the tablet line, and Apple may want to join this party before it's too late.

The concepts Ciccarese envisioned are by no means depictions of real devices, but aim to show what iPhones could look like with larger displays. The designer also created his concept iPhones with curved bodies, but that will most likely not be the case. That said, treat these concepts accordingly and enjoy! Check out Ciccarese's post for more images of these iPhone 6 designs.

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