Samsung trashes Apple again in latest Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 ads (VIDEO)

20 February 2014, 9:37 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Samsung is again taking jabs at Apple with its latest Galaxy Note 3 ad, which features NBA star LeBron James.

In this entertaining new commercial, Samsung is anything but subtle. It shows two devices side by side, an iPhone 5S and a Galaxy Note 3, both of them displaying the magic of LeBron James' "monster dunks."

"Shouldn't we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that's actually high-definition? 5.7 inches of HD - booyah - OR 4.0 inches of non-HD and LeBron is literally running away" states the ad. "And would you look at that? The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a handy little S Pen. No S Pen hiding in this other phone - believe me, I checked," adds the commenter. Of course, that "other phone" is an iPhone 5S, Apple's latest flagship smartphone.

The ad goes on to show the great things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's S Pen and its neat functionality, and concludes by pointing out how "there's a serious mismatch right there" between the two devices.

In other words, Samsung's latest ad highlights the huge difference between its latest flagship phablet and the iPhone 5S, especially when it comes to display size and quality and the popular S Pen functionality.

Samsung and Apple are well-known rivals and they're constantly taking jabs at each other, and this is not the first time that Samsung trashes an Apple product in one of its commercials. It did the same thing when it advertised its Galaxy S4 smartphone, and again the same thing with its new ad for the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.

In the latter ad, Samsung pits the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 against the iPad Air, mocking Apple's "pencil" commercial. It starts, of course, with an actual pencil.

"It's an extremely simple tool, but also... extremely pointy," Samsung notes in its ad. "It's been used to make tentative appoints, and to cheat at golf."

The video then shows the iPad Air hiding behind the pencil, but an "even thinner" Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is hiding behind the iPad Air. Samsung touts that its tablet delivers higher-quality video and it also emphasizes the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1's multitasking capabilities.

If this sounds amusing, wait until you see the actual commercials. Check out the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 ads just below and let us know what you think.

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