Nokia, HTC take jabs at Samsung’s Galaxy S5 on Twitter

25 February 2014, 10:28 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Samsung has just unveiled its latest Galaxy S5 flagship at MWC 2014, and rivals Nokia and HTC couldn't resist taking jabs at their competitor.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 finally made its official debut at the company's Unpacked 5 event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. The smartphone arrives after months of rumors, speculations and excitement, but now that it's official, many are disappointed with the new flagship. Consumers who already own a Galaxy smartphone were disappointed with the same design, with some even saying it's a downgrade. Others, meanwhile, pointed out how similar the Galaxy S5 is to its predecessor in terms of specifications.

Nokia and HTC have opinions of their own, and didn't hesitate to make them public, as the two companies have taken to their respective Twitter accounts to mock the new Galaxy S5.

Nokia UK was the first to go, posting an image of a Lumia smartphone showing a Samsung Unpacked event reminder on its display. The post urges consumers to "stand out of the crowd," while the image adds the caption "Not the Samesung."

HTC, meanwhile, was far less subtle and positive with its Twitter post regarding Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, as you can see in the image above.

"Buyer's remorse: Coming soon to S5 owners," posted HTC, mentioning the March 25 date. Surely by pure coincidence, that is the date when HTC will announce its next-generation flagship.

Considering Samsung's marketing muscle, however, these jabs from Nokia and HTC may stir some giggles, but are unlikely to do any real damage. Samsung's latest flagship will likely sell in droves, like all Samsung flagships, despite any criticism and disappointment it may have drawn. Nokia and HTC, meanwhile, can't really boast about ground-breaking sales.

The HTC One, for instance, was a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC's offering was highly-praised by critics and consumers alike, and was widely regarded as a better smartphone than the Galaxy S4, especially in terms of design. Nevertheless, HTC saw disappointing sales, while the Galaxy S4 saw a wide adoption.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 brings a few notable improvements over its predecessor, albeit not the much-requested change in design. Whether or not the next-generation HTC flagship will be able to beat it remains to be seen, as the market response weighs heavier than critical acclaim.

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