Apple Augmented Reality Glasses: Company Working With Carl Zeiss AG on New AR Product

New reports are revealing that Apple may soon be releasing a product that could go against Microsoft's HoloLens AR glasses.

Business Mon Jan 23 2017

Nokia 6 Update: Mid-range Device's Stocks Gone in 60 Seconds During China Flash Sale [VIDEO]

The entire first wave of Nokia 6 stocks was apparently all gone in just the first minute of the flash sale.

Business Mon Jan 23 2017

Tesla Model S P100D Outruns Faraday Future FF91 Thanks to New OTA Update [VIDEO]

The blistering acceleration is achieved through a new software update that Tesla has released for all their Tesla Model S P100D.

Business Sun Jan 22 2017

Microsoft’s Latest Purchase Can Support 3D-Ready for Windows 10

“With Simplygon’s new acquisition, it can finally enable 3D for everyone,” said Microsoft.

Business Sat Jan 21 2017

Apple iOS 10.2 News: Battery Bug Fix, Apple Still Not Admitting Issue [VIDEO]

The company's latest release, iOS 10.2, has reportedly worsened the problem for some users.

Business Fri Jan 20 2017

DJI Stops Production Of Phantom 4, Temporarily Halts Manufacture Of Mavic Pro For 2-3 Weeks Due To Lunar New Year

DJI surprises drone industry by ordering stop of production of the Phantom 4, while the manufacture of other drone models are on temporary hold because of the start of China's longest national holiday on Jan. 28, the Lunar New Year.

Business Fri Jan 20 2017

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 Spoilers, Updates: New God of Destruction, Angel Revealed!

New characters have come to the "Dragon Ball Super."

Business Thu Jan 19 2017

Tesla Model 3 Electric Motors To Be Produced in Nevada Gigafactory; Move To Create 550 New Jobs

Tech enthusiasts are of the opinion that even moving the electric motor production to the Gigafactory is not sufficient enough for Tesla to meet its Model 3 production targets. This can very well anger those who have already pre-ordered the vehicle and are now eagerly waiting for 2017 to end as the vehicles are expected to be shipped then.

Business Thu Jan 19 2017

PS 4 Costs $57K In Venezuela, According To Linio’s Technology Price Index; Where The Cheapest And Most Expensive Game Consoles Are Sold

It takes blood, sweat, and tears (x100000000) to own a PS4 in Venezuela.

Business Thu Jan 19 2017

Vine Officially Shut Down, Twitter Replaces It With Camera App Absent Any Social Functions [VIDEO]

Twitter has replaced the original Vine app on the Apple Store and the Android App Store with the stripped down app just this week.

Business Thu Jan 19 2017

Tesla Autopilot Speed Limit Lifted Even For Undivided Highways; Over-The-Air Update Includes Additional Safety Controls

The Tesla Autopilot function was meant to be used only on divided highways. However, owners started using them on undivided highways, performing a slew of stunts that were being recorded on cams. This did not go down well with CEO Elon Musk who imposed the cap on the Autopilot speed limit.

Business Wed Jan 18 2017

Netflix 'Santa Clarita Diet' Trailer, Release Date: Drew Barrymore is a Funny Zombie Eating Human Flesh!

Drew Barrymore will be playing the role of a zombie in new Netflix series "Santa Clarita Diet"

Business Wed Jan 18 2017

Amazon Echo May Dominate Despite Fierce Competition From Google, Microsoft & Apple’s Personal Assistants

Amazon Echo has very tough competition from Google Assistant and Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant Cortana. Even Apple’s Siri is a major threat. Google of course benefits immensely from its search inventory.

Business Wed Jan 18 2017

Xbox One Exclusive Games are Problematic; Developers Rant Over Microsoft Pressure & Tight Budget

Microsoft Xbox One stormed the E3 2014 gaming scene with a promise that titles like "Crackdown 3," "Fable Legends," "Project Spark," "Phantom Dust" and "Scalebound" are going to dominate.

Business Tue Jan 17 2017

Samsung Needs To Put Behind Galaxy Note 7 Incident Before Launching Galaxy S8, To Declare Cause of Note 7 Explosions

While Samsung is readying itself to reveal some amazing, path-breaking smartphones in 2017, its prospects for the smartphone business remain questionable as there is a panic among fans after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

Business Tue Jan 17 2017

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