Google Home & Amazon Echo Can Talk To Each Other

Give the correct instructions and you will be able to make Google Home and Amazon Alexa talk to each other.

Amazon January 17, 2017

4 Ways To Get Cash For Your Wii U, 3DS Now That The Nintendo Switch Is Coming

There's still time to sell or trade in an old Wii U or 3DS before the Nintendo Switch drops.

Amazon January 14, 2017

Amazon Is Selling Refurbished Fire HD 10 Tablets Perfect For Reviewing 'The Walking Dead' Episodes For $199

Amazon is bringing you the 10 inch Fire HD for an affordable price.

Amazon January 10, 2017

‘Metal Gear Solid 5: The Definitive Experience’ Now 20% Off On Amazon; Mod Gives Female 'Phantom Pain' Characters Slimmer Figures

"Metal Gear Solid 5: The Definitive Experience" is on sale on Amazon.

Amazon January 10, 2017

Amazon’s Hottest Xbox One S Bundle Is Still On Sale At Black Friday Prices

Amazon’s Hottest Xbox One S Bundle Is Still On Sale At Black Friday Prices. Check this out for amazing deals!

Amazon January 6, 2017

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Tips, Tricks and Updates: Nintendo Title Among Amazon's Top-Selling; S.O.S Battle Character List Revealed

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is one of the bestselling games on Amazon last year. Now, fans are hoping that updates for the game will continue.

Amazon January 5, 2017

6-Year-Old Uses Mom’s Thumbprint To Purchase $250 In Pokemon Toys

A child used her sleeping mom's thumbprint to buy toys from Amazon.

Amazon December 31, 2016

2017 Will Be A Big Year For Artificial Intelligence; But It Might Cost Jobs

2017 will bring new improvements to the growing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Amazon December 30, 2016

Amazon Wins Patent For A Flying Warehouse That Would Deliver Packages Door To Door Using Drones

Amazon was a recently awarded a patent that could revolutionize package delivery in the future.

Amazon December 30, 2016

Samsung Gear VR Specs, Features and Improvements: VR Headset Gets Improved WebVR Support; Hailed Top-Selling Gadget on Amazon

With its impressive features, the Samsung Gear VR has been dubbed as one of the bestselling gadgets on Amazon for the holiday season of 2016.

Amazon December 30, 2016

Over 50 Disney Movies Will Be Available For Streaming On Hulu, Includes 'Mulan', 'Hercules' and 'Tarzan'

A deal with Disney will allow Hulu to stream over 50 Disney movies in the coming months ahead.

Amazon December 29, 2016

Facebook And Google Are The Most Popular Apps In 2016

Facebook remains the most popular app in the year 2016

Amazon December 29, 2016

'Star Citizen' Version 2.6.0 Update; Details On 'Star Marine' FPS Module

“Star Citizen” devs kept their promise in keeping fans updated – here’s a way to keep up.

Amazon December 28, 2016

Amazon Echo News: Police Seeking Amazon Echo Data In Hot Tub Murder Case

A murder suspect's Amazon Echo may help acquit or convict him.

Amazon December 28, 2016

Using Amazon Echo's Featured Skills [VIDEO]

Amazon Echo, with its digital assistant Alexa, has garnered a lot of great feedbacks because of its skills and usefulness in one's smart home. It is used through different voice commands.

Amazon December 24, 2016

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